Tamarah Ynise
Creating art gives me a sense of freedom. There are no boundaries to confine my visual
expression. The ability to create simplicity and see beauty is magical and hypnotizing. My drive is
to keep my art form uncomplicated, allowing each piece to create itself. My art helps me to
further articulate my inner voice. Each piece inspires continuity, balance, and harmony in my
life. Each thought is expressed through black acrylic paint, and then enhanced by colors. My
work is simple elegance.   I began painting abstract art in March of 2003. My first solo shows
were in March of 2005 at the Freedom Theater in Philadelphia and May of 2005 at AVHQ,
respectively. My new medium is wood and metal. I invite you to come with me as my journey
To Order a Tamarah Ynise original,
please contact us with the name of the piece that you would like to purchase,
your name, mailing address,
method of payment. Please note that typically all prices include shipping and
handling. However, in the event that there are additional costs,
you will be notified prior to the completion of your sale.
Counter Part I & II
The Guarder
TY 1
TY 2
Ribbon In The Sky
The Guitar
Love lock